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My life

For those interested.. Today I went to the audition for THE Moulin Rouge in Paris… I would say over 150 girls turned up (so many legs, legs, legs) I managed to survive every cut, I think there were maybe 10 rounds of cuts? Anyway I made it all the way to the end with only 6 girls left. To say I am stoked is a bit of an understatement, I didn’t get the contract this time but hey, there is always next year right?

Anonymous: hi! my right foots points a lot better than my left foot, so therefore my right pointe shoe is dying a lot quicker. my teacher said to shellac them, although i'm a bit nervous about it because she also said the shellac the entire shank, not just the box and platform. should i also shellac the shank? or should i use superglue?

Definitely try shellac! I used to shellac every pair of shoes I got! But i struggle to find it here.. I used to do the entire shank and the tip of the platform and sometimes the wings of the box. shellac them BEFORE the shoe is dead because what shellac does is create a moisture barrier which obviously strengthens the shoe as it is moisture that breaks it down. As for the shank- always think of pulling out of your shoes not sinking into them. Also give superglue a try although i have not had personal experience using this but a couple fo girls at the National do it and it seems to work? Just experiment a bit if you can good luck xx

Tomorrow.. I audition for the Moulin Rouge in Paris.. Wish me luck?

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